After six-year-old Trenton Stafford of Munford, TN was diagnosed with Leukemia he began undergoing a three-year treatment. With overwhelming support from family members, the Stafford home was cleaned, sanitized and painted to create a fresh and healthier environment for Trenton and his family. Trenton’s great aunt Rosemary didn’t want to stop there, though. She saw the carpet in the Stafford home and felt it should be replaced with something new and clean. She began contacting companies about flooring, and in March 2013 Lumber Liquidators donated Mill Town Antique Cherry to the Stafford family.

“The flooring in the house is so important for Trenton’s health, the siblings, the whole family. If you can help one another, that’s what life is all about.” – Rosemary, Trenton’s Great Aunt

Trenton’s mother said, “Laminate flooring is amazing. It is so easy to clean so quick, it dries just immediately as soon as you wipe it. The kids, if they take a crayon and write on it you can just wipe it right off! It’s so much better and easier.” Lumber Liquidators donated to Trenton’s family as a part of the Lay It Forward program in the hopes of benefiting Trenton and his family for generations to come.

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