To calculate lineal feet of trim, (e.g. base, quarter round) simply measure each wall in the room and add up the lineal feet. For ease of installation use whole pieces where ever possible. Allow extra for cutting each corner and splicing pieces together.

rooms combined to display linear feet calculations

To determine the square footage of a square or rectangular room, measure the length and width of the room in feet or inches and enter the values in Area 1 of the calculator below.  For irregularly shaped areas or multiple rooms, it is helpful to draw a diagram and divide the room up into sections. Treat each section as a separate area, as in this illustration. Input the measurements of each area below to see the total SQFT needed.

rooms combined to display sqft calculations

Area Length
Area Width
Area 1
Area 2
Area 3
Area 4

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Basement Underlayment 100sft

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Bellawood Basement Underlayment - 100 square feet per roll

The best protection for floating laminate and engineered wood flooring! Bellawood Basement Underlayment is developed with New Airflow Technology to help keep concrete subfloors drier!

- A strong, flexible 3D matrix elevates the pad & promotes ventilation to evaporate water vapor instead of trapping it.
- Combined with the R-value of the fiber pad, the air space created by extruded and shaped polymer fibers provides an added insulation layer.
- Suppresses noise within the room, and has excellent acoustic performance: IIC 69 & STC 63
- A green product manufactured with recycled content.
- No off-gassing from Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs).
- Tough attached moisture barrier reduces Moisture Vapor Transmission Rates (MVTR).

Sound absorption:
Bellawood Basement Underlayment?s recycled fibers are randomly air-laid creating a capillary affect to cushion the floor, absorb sound, and help make laminate floors sound more like real wood.

Moisture protection:
A unique and patented entangled polypropylene mesh beneath the recycled fiber pad creates a waffle pattern that elevates the underlayment, permitting air flow to circulate beneath your floor. This allows trapped vapor emissions from substrates like concrete to breathe. Bellawood Basement Underlayment helps protect the overlying floor from damage due to moisture, while also reducing that main ingredient for harmful mold.  The recycled fibers of the pad help to further encourage moisture from being trapped as they wick away vapor and disperse it until it can evaporate, while our antimicrobial additive further inhibits mold growth.

Added insulation value:
Bellawood Basement Underlayment will add an R-Value of .65 to the floor system.

Bellawood Basement Underlayment is approved for laminate and floating engineered wood applications, and can be used over all types of industry approved subfloors.

Environmental Attributes
Bellawood Basement Underlayment contains 64% post industrial/pre-consumer fibers.  Bellawood Basement Underlayment is LEED compliant and will contribute to MRc4.1-4.2 credits.

Approved Substrates:
- Concrete and masonry blocks
- Cement backer units (CBU)
- Cementitious screeds, leveling coats and mortar beds
- Waterproofing and crack-isolation membranes
- Wood, plywood, or OSB subfloors that meet NWFA Subfloor Guidelines and Specifications, and meet applicable building codes
- Cement terrazzo floors
- Vinyl composition tile (VCT) or non-cushioned sheet vinyl provided the existing floor covering is still adhered tightly to a level, even and structurally solid subfloor, and is free from excessive wax, grease or sealants

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