SKU: 10043468

Williamsburg Butcher Block Co. 
1-1/2" x 25" x 8' Carbonized Oak Countertop

WILLIAMSBURG Butcher Block Co. - 1-1/2" thick x 25" x 8' Carbonized Oak Unfinished Butcher Block Countertop

Carbonized Oak butcher block countertops are preferred for their trend-setting style and design. Through the careful, heat-treating process of carbonization, you'll get a strong and stable surface with beautiful distinction. Dark reddish brown and rich caramel color variations work in unison with natural oak graining to provide exceptional function without sacrificing warmth and style.

Williamsburg Butcher Block countertops are easily maintained with mineral oil and stand up well to culinary rigors year after year. But best of all, the bring a premium look and feel to your kitchen without the premium price of solid-surface countertops.

This product is also available in unfinished Carbonized Oak island tops and backsplashes.