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Cherry Dual Tip Repair Pen

ScratchCure Dual Tip Repair Pen: Cherry

Repairs fine scratches and white marks!

ScratchCure Repair Pens are great for quick and easy touch-ups of scratches. These pens come in shades that are build-able. Meaning they start out light and more strokes brings darker color. With a longer drying time, there's no need to fear drawing outside the lines, unwanted marks can be wiped away! ScratchCure features two different tip sizes, so no matter the size job, you'll have the right tool.

Ideal for Countertops, Laminate, Bamboo, Wood, and Vinyl flooring!

- Non-Toxic
- Non-Flammable
- Made in the USA

Colors Available:
- Maple
- Cherry
- Oak
- Walnut
- Mahogany
- Gray

Swatch Pen Colors