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Casa de Colour 3/4" x 3-1/2" Espresso Taun

SKU: 10022666
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Casa de Colour- 3/4" x 3-1/2" Espresso Taun Prefinished Stained Solid Hardwood Flooring- 25 Year Warranty

Live comfortably in your home and increase its value with the rich shades of the Casa de Colour Collection by Dura-Wood.

About Casa de Colour:
The desire to return to a more relaxed way of living has inspired many to embrace the beauty of their surroundings. 
It is this same desire that is the inspiration behind Dura-Wood's line of stained pre-finished floors, Casa de Colour Collection.  These solid hardwood floors come with a 25 year warranty to ensure you'll enjoy your floors for years to come.

What is Select Grade?
Select Grade has uniform color with no large knots and the longest average length of planks. Also referred to as First Grade.

We caught up with real Lumber Liquidators' customers who volunteered to discuss their floor shopping, buying and installation experiences. In no way did these customers receive compensation for their kind words. (They're speaking straight from the heart.)

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  • Brand:  Casa de Colour
  • FLOORING SKU:  10022666
  • Limited Warranty:  25 years
  • Trade Name:  Taun
  • Marketing Name:  N/A
  • Janka Rating:  1890
  • AC Rating:  N/A
  • Grade:  Select
  • Color Shade:  Dark
  • Width:  3 1/2"
  • Thickness:  3/4"
  • Construction:  Solid
  • Installation Type:  Nail
  • Sq. Ft. Per Box:  20.34
  • Hardness Rating:  47% harder than Red Oak
  • Waste:  10%
  • Weight per box/unit:  55.93
  • Installation Details:  Installation Guide
  • Catalog Page:  Casa de Colour Catalog Page

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8 Questions | 8 Answers
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  • Q:

    how long are the pieces of flooring?
    Asked on 5/28/2013 by josh

    1 answer

    • Staff Reviewer


      This is a random length wood product that comes 1’ to 7’ in length, the average length is about 2.5'. Thank you for your inquiry.

      Answered on 6/5/2013 by cc-2
  • Q:

    What type of tree does Expresso Taun hardwood come from. Is Taun the name of the tree? I've never heard of it!
    Asked on 3/12/2013 by Henry from Hoover, AL

    1 answer

    • Staff Reviewer


      The Botanical Name: Pometia Pinnata is the species of tree.
      Taun is a moderately durable hardwood timber with a range of applications including general building framework, flooring and cladding, joinery and cabinetwork, as well as cooperage, outdoor furniture, boat building, plywood and veneers.

      Answered on 4/18/2013 by cc-2
  • Q:

    How long should the flooring acclimate?
    Asked on 3/3/2013 by Fred

    1 answer

    • Staff Reviewer


      All wood products are affected by environmental conditions, especially prefinished materials.
      To control wood movement- expansion or shrinkage- it is recommended to acclimate the new flooring in the areas to be installed, not in (garages, U-Haul trailers, sheds, or tents) to normal lived-in conditions while in the boxes. If the products are protected in plastic then open the ends of the boxes. Length of time is not the determining factor. The goal of acclimation is for the core of the product to reach an equilibrium or moisture balance of the new flooring with its surroundings before installation or fastening. This balance could be achieved in as little as 1 to 5 days, or longer for some dense or oily exotic species.

      Avoid shocking the floor.
      Just like you, wood actually performs best with consistent indoor temperatures of 60°-80° F and indoor humidity levels of 30% - 50%. Very dry or humid regions of the country usually require extended conditioning. Maintaining the recommended acclimation levels even after the installation should be viewed as ongoing floor care. Your doing so will help to minimize board movement, excessive squeaks, finish cracking and gaps.

      Hygrometers sold in most Target and Wal-Mart stores ($10-$45) can be used to easily identify the need to regulate the humidity or air moisture.
      In addition, to prevent board warping or bowing, do not cut the plastic support bindings on the outside of the packaging until ready to install. Store products flat, in a dry place. Provide air flow under and around cartons. Do not store directly on bare concrete or next to outside walls. Cartons should be placed as close to the center of the installation area as possible.

      Proper jobsite conditions, acclimation and moisture testing of the subfloor along with the new flooring all works together for the success of the installation and is the responsibility of those overseeing the project.

      A vapor barrier is needed to protect the new flooring against moisture or moisture vapor.

      Answered on 3/11/2013 by cc-2
  • Q:

    Where does this flooring come from? Is it finished in the USA and is the finish made in USA?
    Asked on 2/16/2013 by Brandy from Perkasie, PA

    1 answer

    • Staff Reviewer


      This is a product of China.
      Thank you for writing in.

      Answered on 3/5/2013 by cc-2
  • Q:

    Can this flooring be glued directly to concrete?
    Asked on 2/6/2013 by Reggie from Tyler, TX

    1 answer

    • Staff Reviewer


      This is a solid 3/4" product designed to be nailed to a wood substrate.
      But can be installed over concrete using our Elastilon underlayment.
      What you should know about Elastilon Strong
      An Elastilon-backed wood floor is much faster to install than traditional nail or glue-down methods.
      Elastilon Strong can be installed on new concrete floors, handling up to 3.9% moisture content. A vapour barrier of at least 6 mil PE should be used below grade and on newly poured concrete above grade where the moisture content is above 3.9%.
      Laid down with a 5/8” (15 mm) expansion gap, Elastilon Strong creates a dynamic, floating floor that expands or contracts naturally with the hardwood.
      Elastilon Strong has no odor and is free of volatile materials.
      Elastilon Strong gives cushioned comfort.
      1/8” (3 mm) thick Elastilon Strong has ratings of IIC 62 and STC 54.
      Thermal resistance: R _ 0,15 (m K) / W
      Elastilon Strong carries a 70-year limited warranty. Thank you for your inquiry.

      Answered on 2/7/2013 by cc-2
  • Q:

    What is the level of hardness compared to Oak?
    Asked on 1/25/2013 by Amy from United States

    1 answer

    • Staff Reviewer


      This wood species is Taun and has a Janka rating of 1576 .
      Oak is at 1290.
      Thank you for writing in.

      Answered on 1/28/2013 by cc-2
  • Q:

    Can the solid hardwood be installed over electric radiant heat?
    Asked on 1/18/2013 by allison from nj

    1 answer



      Generally no. Floating engineered and some laminate flooring may be but the radiant heat manufacturer should be consulted as to which floor coverings are recommended.

      Answered on 1/21/2013 by Tech & Install
  • Q:

    Do you have individuals that can install the flooring for me..
    Asked on 8/9/2012 by Tana from Evanston, WY

    1 answer

    • Staff Reviewer


      Our focus at Lumber Liquidators is to provide you with fantastic flooring at low prices! Although Lumber Liquidators does not have measure people or our own in-house installers we make planning your installation easy and it can be arranged in several convenient ways.
      The Lumber Liquidators Installation Service is managed by The Home Service Store® (HSS®). To schedule an installation please call HSS @ 1-877-477-1116, visit your local Lumber Liquidators or go to our Website @ and click on; Installation from $1.99. Thank you for your inquiry.

      Answered on 8/18/2012 by cc-2
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