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Virginia Mill Works 7/16" x 4-3/4" Golden Acacia Easy Click

SKU: 10023853
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31 sq. ft. per box
$117.49 each

Virginia Mill Works Co.- 7/16" x 4-3/4" Golden Acacia - Easy Click - Stained Distressed Engineered Flooring- 50 Year Warranty

Give your home a touch of that same simple elegance our ancestors cherished!
Reminiscent of the charming, handcrafted floors found in Colonial American homes, Virginia Mill Works hardwood flooring uniquely combines the look of old-world craftsmanship with modern design and prefinishing. Each floor is a work of art, adding stylish character to any room in your home.

Virginia Mill Works with easy click installation engineered flooring is constructed with a real hardwood distressed veneer atop a moisture-resistant HDF (high density fiberboard) core which is made from real wood fibers that are compressed into a dense, impact-resistant format. In addition to providing extra protection against denting, the HDF enables the most precise milling of the locking profile to enhance ease of use and long-term durability.

Quick Highlights:
- Superior strength and stability in any room, including basements.
- Type of installation: Floating and made even easier with Easy Click installation system!
- Beautiful distressed look
- 50 Year Warranty
- Greenguard Indoor Air Quality Certification.

About Distressed Flooring:
Distressed hardwood floors have a natural worn appearance. They look like floors from the days when floors were finished by hand.
Please note this product is a nominal 7/16" thick, but due to its scraping process the thickness may be as thin as 3/8" in the scraped areas.

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  • Brand:  Virginia Mill Works
  • FLOORING SKU:  10023853
  • SAMPLE SKU:  10023856
  • Limited Warranty:  50 years
  • Trade Name:  Short Leaf Acacia
  • Marketing Name:  Acacia
  • Janka Rating:  2250
  • AC Rating:  N/A
  • Grade:  Natural
  • Color Shade:  Medium
  • Width:  4 3/4"
  • Thickness:  7/16"
  • Construction:  Engineered
  • Installation Type:  Click, Glue
  • Sq. Ft. Per Box:  31
  • Hardness Rating:  N/A
  • Waste:  10%
  • Weight per box/unit:  63.24
  • Installation Details:  Installation Guide

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20 Questions | 20 Answers
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  • Q:

    what is the care of this flooring does it need anything
    Asked on 10/8/2016 by billy

    1 answer

    • Staff Reviewer


      We can only recommend our Bellawood Floor Cleaner, or cleaners that are safe for water based urethane finishes. Never use any polish, wax, oil soaps or cleaners that add shine to the floor. In addition, we do not recommend using steamers or wet-jet cleaning systems for hardwood because spraying can collect moisture in between board edges. The use of these products is at your own risk. Thank you for your inquiry.
      How do I care for my floor / which cleaning products are best?
      Proper floor care precautions are provided on the product installation instructions and on our website under Flooring 101 by typing in Floor care dos and don'ts (LL pdf)

      Answered on 10/14/2016 by cc-2
  • Q:

    Hi I Purchase this floor and doing a glue down with Ex pro 3 glue on concrete. According to glue instructions it calls for 1/8 x 1/8 x trowel. I have put down a few feet and it looks like planks are not getting much coverage. Can I used 1/4 trowel would have better coverage per plank?

    Also since this is my first time installing glue its be messy almost to the point I complete wiping the hole floor with mineral sprit. Will this effect the finish looks like its dulling the finish (maybe) as far as shine Please advise>
    Asked on 10/3/2016 by Alvin from Dallas TX

    1 answer

    • Staff Reviewer


      Please call our Tech & Installation Dept. @ (800) 366-4204 for help with this question. Thank you for your inquiry.

      Answered on 10/13/2016 by cc-2
  • Q:

    Can this flooring be installed in a basement (basement is dry, has over 30 years had no water infiltration). Basement floor is concrete that is in good shape and level.
    Asked on 12/21/2015 by Bill from Reston VA

    1 answer

    • Staff Reviewer


      Yes you can!
      You can find complete installation instructions on the product page by clicking on the installation tab and then clicking on - Installation Guide.
      Thank you for writing in.

      Answered on 12/21/2015 by cc-2
  • Q:

    Can engineered hardwoods be used in a bathroom?
    Asked on 11/27/2015 by Kendrah

    1 answer

    • Staff Reviewer


      1. Do not install flooring under permanent or fixed cabinetry, heavy wall-to-wall bookcases or similar that can restrict movement
      2. Flooring must not be installed in rooms with a sump pump.
      3. Do not install flooring in a wet environment such as saunas or full bathrooms subject to steam, high humidity or excess moisture.
      4. Areas of water exposure MUST be sealed with 100% mildew-resistant silicone sealant; such as around kitchen sinks, dishwashers, around any water supply line, in front of exterior doors and sliding glass doors.
      You can find complete installation instructions on the product page by clicking on the installation tab and then clicking on - Installation Guide.
      Thank you for writing in.

      Answered on 11/30/2015 by cc-2
  • Q:

    In what country is this product manufactured?
    Asked on 5/8/2015 by elle

    1 answer

    • Staff Reviewer


      The Country of Origin for this Engineered product is China, it is not included in the 60 Minutes allegations.
      Thank you for writing in!

      Answered on 5/12/2015 by cc-2
  • Q:

    hi does the golden teak flooring lighten or darken over time? I ordered a case and it seems like some planks are much darker than I thought and by the sample I received. thank you
    Asked on 2/2/2015 by sue newbie from howell nj

    1 answer

    • Staff Reviewer


      Wood products can be dramatic in appearance, especially the exotics. Only factory made products such as tile, vinyl, and wallpaper will have uniformity of color. Keep in mind that wood and corks are natural product and no two installed floors will be identical. Variations in appearance are completely normal and are a desired characteristic. As your floor ages, color or shading called “patina” can occur. This process can be rapid the first 3 months, less in 6 months, then finishing off in about I year. Moving the furniture and rugs around helps to even out areas that were not exposed to light. Try to avoid large area rugs for the first 3 months.

      All wood species can change color over time due to oxidation or when exposed to light. In some species, the change can be more dramatic and may darken in color over time, while others tend to lighten. Currently there is no known value set for Patina or color change of a species so contractors and or customers should be aware of this normal condition. The patina process is unrelated to the urethane finishes.

      When installing wood floors, select boards from several boxes. Working from one box at a time can create poor color grouping or placement of any flooring. Any one board you feel is unacceptable to install can simply be discarded, replaced with the 5-10% overage you should have on hand.

      Technical and Installation

      Answered on 2/3/2015 by cc-2
  • Q:

    What is the best way to clean this type of flooring?
    Asked on 6/26/2014 by Teresa from Chalfont, pa

    1 answer

    • Staff Reviewer


      Our wood floors are manufactured for maximum durability, easy maintenance and finished with a high quality aluminum oxide water base urethane UV cured finish. This step protects the wood and helps keep the flooring looking beautiful longer. While highly durable, the finish is NOT considered indestructible. However, by observing a few precautions like setting up a regular cleaning routine and simple maintenance program to protect the finish, you can expect years of performance and beauty from your wood floor. All wood floors can show signs of wear over time. There are many factors that can affect the amount of wear. These include the size and lifestyle of your family and product location.
      The following cleaning principles are recommended for all of our products -Hardwood, Laminates, Corks, Bamboo and other Exotics. Outlined are examples of the reasonable and necessary maintenance to be performed; this is only intended to be a basic list;
      • Immediately after installation, be certain that the flooring is completely cleaned and dry as described below. If you must protect the flooring from traffic, use only “craft” paper, brown, red or white, this will allow the flooring to “breathe”. Do not fully cover the flooring. NEVER lay plastic of any kind or any other non-porous material over the flooring as this can trap moisture, harm the flooring or fade the finish.
      • Sweep or vacuum regularly, since built-up dirt, grit and sand can damage the surface of the wood. If using a vacuum, use a soft brush attachment -NOT A BEATER BAR ATTACHMENT. Be certain the wheels of the vacuum are clean and do not damage the finish. When using a broom be certain that bristles are soft. You can also use a dry mop.
      • Because of the myriad of cleaning products available and methods of each application, Lumber Liquidators cannot endorse or oversee the use of any Brand Name of floor cleaner. We do recommend cleaning products safe for urethane finishes such as our Bellawood floor cleaner and Dream Home Cleaner.
      • The use of a changeable terry cloth type system to clean the floor is highly recommended; apply cleaning solution to the terry cloth.
      • NEVER use oil soaps or paste wax products or other household cleaners that contain lemon oil, Tung oil, silicone, or ammonia on pre-finished flooring. The use of these products will harm the long-term performance and appearance of your floor and may affect future re-coating. (Damages caused by non-recommended cleaning products are not covered by warranties). NOTE: This also includes the use of vinegar. Vinegar is an acidic element that can have an oxidizing, caustic effect on the finish.
      • In an effort to clean hardwood floors, many have experimented with a variety of cleaners on the market and end up with a new problem. “How to remove the build-up of cleaning products revealing the original surface"? If this is the case with you, we recommend consulting with a professional cleaner local to your area because they can best see the details involved and make the most accurate recommendations. If you choose to remove the layers of build-up yourself, use cotton rags instead of a mop to control the amount of liquid used.
      • NEVER wet-mop or flood your floor with water or any other product. Moisture can seep into the seams causing edge-cupping damage. Urethane floors do not require wet mopping. Natural floors are water resistant, not water proof. Remove all spills promptly using a soft, slightly damp cloth
      • STEAM CLEANERS ; Lumber Liquidators does not recommend Water brooms or steamer type cleaners on laminates, bamboo, engineered wood, corks or hardwood floors. Although steamers may work well cleaning OTHER types of hard surface flooring, the 130° to 240° heated steam vapor can ruin wood or urethane finish resulting in finish issues, warped, or cupped flooring. Water and wood do not mix well, especially steam. Use these products at your own risk.
      • Do place protective mats at entry doors to keep dirt, grit, sand and moisture from being track in from the outside.
      • Do use area rugs in heavily traveled areas and pivot points (e.g., stair landings, room entries, etc.), especially if you have a large family or indoor pets.
      • When using area rugs, use a rug pad with a felt, plant or PVC based backing. DO NOT use area rugs with a petroleum based rubber backing (typically black) as this can cause permanent chemical staining/etching of the floor finish.
      • Take reasonable precautions; use a dolly and protective sheets of plywood when moving heavy objects such as furniture and appliances.
      • Place protective pads beneath furniture legs and feet to reduce scratches and dents. Check and replace wore pads regularly.
      • Keep pet’s nails trimmed, and paws clean and free of dirt, gravel, grease, oil, and stains.
      • Scratches, dents and cupping are site related, not considered a manufactured defect.
      Thank you for your inquiry

      Answered on 6/27/2014 by cc-3
  • Q:

    How thick is the top layer of wood?
    Asked on 6/3/2014 by Carmen

    1 answer

    • Staff Reviewer


      The veneer thickness is 2mm. Thank you for your inquiry

      Answered on 6/3/2014 by cc-3
  • Q:

    We are looking to install this on the second floor over a wood subfloor. What type of underlayment is recommended?
    Asked on 5/29/2014 by Meep from St Louis, MO

    1 answer

    • Staff Reviewer


      This product question would be better answered by our Sales Department, they are more familiar with all of our flooring products and can better assist you with your questions.
      Please call our Sales Dept. @ (800) 476-0007 for pricing and availability. Thank you for your inquiry

      Answered on 5/29/2014 by cc-3
  • Q:

    Can this easy click product be used over 3/4" particle board or OSB? If so, can it be used on a stair landing?
    Asked on 1/29/2014 by Jake

    1 answer

    • Staff Reviewer


      Yes you can!
      You can find complete installation instructions on the product page by clicking on the installation tab and then clicking on - Installation Guide.pdf
      Thank you for writing in.

      Answered on 1/29/2014 by cc-2
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