To calculate lineal feet of trim, (e.g. base, quarter round) simply measure each wall in the room and add up the lineal feet. For ease of installation use whole pieces where ever possible. Allow extra for cutting each corner and splicing pieces together.

rooms combined to display linear feet calculations

To determine the square footage of a square or rectangular room, measure the length and width of the room in feet or inches and enter the values in Area 1 of the calculator below.  For irregularly shaped areas or multiple rooms, it is helpful to draw a diagram and divide the room up into sections. Treat each section as a separate area, as in this illustration. Input the measurements of each area below to see the total SQFT needed.

rooms combined to display sqft calculations

Area Length
Area Width
Area 1
Area 2
Area 3
Area 4

SKU: 10028356

White Colonial Laminate 1/2 in thick x 5.25 in wide x 8 ft Length Baseboard

$99 smart rate delivery for orders up to 500 sq ft!
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1/2" x 5-1/4" x 8' White Painted Colonial Baseboard

Our environmentally friendly, satin white base MDF molding is perfectly smooth and consistent; requiring no painting or sanding. In fact, it can't look any better... but it does accept paint and is a terrific "primed" surface.

- No sanding or painting necessary
- 100% yield
- Paintable
- Eco-friendly
- Incredible value
- A virtual match to most prefinished white doors

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