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What are the California Air Resources Board regulations?

The California Air Resources Board regulations ("CARB") require that composite wood products offered for sale in California (or incorporated into finished goods that are offered for sale in California) be manufactured in accordance with standards for emissions, and that the manufacturing process be verified to meet these standards by a Third Party Certifier (who is licensed by the State of California.)

The Federal Environmental Protection Agency has drafted national standards for composite wood products that are similar to those of California. Those standards have not yet been enacted.

What flooring does the California Air Resources Board (CARB) regulations apply to?

The CARB emission standards apply to certain types of laminate and engineered flooring. The regulation does not apply to the Lumber Liquidators manufacturing process of or in the finish applied to solid hardwood flooring (including Bellawood) or vinyl flooring.

Is Lumber Liquidators Compliant with the California law?

Laminate and engineered flooring products sold by Lumber Liquidators are purchased from mills whose production method has been certified by a Third Party Certifier approved by the State of California to meet the CARB standards. The scope of the certification by the Third Party Certifier includes the confirmation that the manufacturer has implemented the quality systems, process controls, and testing procedures outlined by CARB and that their products conform to the specified regulation limits. The Third Party Certifier also provides ongoing oversight to validate the manufacturers' compliance and manufacturers must be periodically re-certified.

Does CARB only apply to California?

Though it currently applies only to products sold in California, Lumber Liquidators made a decision to require all of our vendors to comply with the California Air Resources Board regulations regardless of whether we intended to sell the products in California or any other state/country.

What extra steps does Lumber Liquidators take to ensure compliance?

In addition to the California Air Resources Board requirements, Lumber Liquidators regularly selects one or more finished products from each of its suppliers and submits them for independent third-party lab testing. This is done as a monitoring activity to validate ongoing quality control.


What else does Lumber Liquidators do to ensure quality?

What is formaldehyde?