Dura Dance Home

Add spring to your step

with the Dura Dance Home System.

Fitness instructor, fledgling ballerina, or emerging dance troupe - the Dura Dance Home System is in step with any talent or budget level.

Dura Dance can be installed underneath approved floorings and absorbs energy exceptionally well while providing an even and consistent dampening effect. Concrete and other solid surfaces can create bodily injury, but Dura Dance Home helps reduce the chance of injury without missing a beat.


Ideal for all types of dance and aerobic exercise, including Zumba, Tap, Hip-Hop and Stress Running. It's also great for dance practice spaces and workplace gyms, just to name a few.

Installation Method:

Floating floor with quick-click flooring. And because it's "floating" (unsecured to the sub floor), it can be uninstalled easily to restore your room to its original appearance.

Floors to Use:

Quick Click Solid Bamboo (1/2" thickness)
Quick Click Engineered Hardwood (7/16" thickness)
DreamHome Laminate without attached pad (min 14mm thickness)

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