2020 Style Report

The open-layout floor plan creates larger areas for gathering and showcases an uninterrupted flow throughout the house. However, it also limits the amount of private areas to work and quiet places to relax.

In an effort to have the best of both worlds, flexible space design has become a key focal point of designers. This style creates rooms with multiple potential uses and also accommodates adaptable uses in existing spaces, ensuring areas do not sit idle and people get the most use out of the space they live in.

One popular and practical option is to install sliding/pocket doors or putting up a temporary partition. These items can quickly turn an open area into two separate, more private spaces. To balance work and play in a home, look for the opportunity to turn part of a basement or playroom into a home office. Fold-up desks and other convertible furniture is key for these areas, making sure there is separation between the two worlds. Versatile and stylish flooring is key in flexible spaces, like Bellawood Artisan Stratford Oak or Virginia Mill Works Wind River Oak hardwood, which provide a timeless look.