2020 Style Report

Like a red wine, wisdom or a great pair of blue jeans, good design gets better with age. Now's the time to focus and celebrate the long-lasting products, items and ideas that have significant meaning and ultimately bring ongoing joy to a home. Investments in a home are big decisions and there are a lot of factors that need to be taken into consideration - products that fit within a budget, matching personal styles that will stand the test of time by being easily adaptable to the ever-changing circumstances of life.

There is something to be said about things that last. Longevity speaks to quality, reverberates the classic aesthetic and enunciates all the imperfections that have flourished through the journey.

Slow Living Slow Living

It's time to embrace the art of slow living - curating your own time and space to make it how you want it to feel. It's about consuming less, leaning into products that provide fulfillment, stand the test of time and grow with you over the years. Quite simply, slow living is realizing simpler things are the new luxury.

This concept can translate in the home through mono-chromatic interiors to extend various hues, tints or shades of the same color across a room, along with textures and prints that harmoniously add interest. Open up your décor by decluttering spaces - do away with an abundance of tchotchkes, knick-knacks or other items and substitute them with natural decorations like plants or living walls to create calming spaces and better align your focus.

Slow living also accentuates minimalism. Create more contentment in your space through less visual excitement to help ease the mind and deliver ongoing comfort. This mind frame can also be reflected in your flooring choices. Look to soft-brushed hardwood as seen in Bellawood Artisan Vineyard Sound Oak and Amsterdam White Oak, or consider light-toned woods and honey-kissed wood styles to emphasize a space that can grow with you and your life.