Back to Nature

Organic materials, soft lighting, earthy color schemes, and other natural elements provide a much-needed sense of peace and tranquility at home. Perhaps more importantly, it satisfies our inherent desire for synergy with the natural world.

Nature & Home

One of the easiest ways to accomplish the look is by adding plants throughout your home. Geometric or woven fabric planters filled with fern-green botanicals and clustered in groupings are just a few of the Instagram-worthy options that will (literally!) provide a breath of fresh air in your decor. Other elements that help bring the outside in include wood and marble, and natural hues such as green and earthy beige.

Working Together

Any of these nature-inspired essentials will cultivate fluidity between interior and exterior spaces for a home that feels livable and encourages relaxation. However, good biophilic design is not complete without the natural texture, tone and grain of real wood flooring. Rattan Maple by Virginia Mill Works is a solid hardwood with organic, understated appeal. The dark maple knots and grain on neutral, toffee-hued boards will provide a sense of harmony with nature without forgoing style.

For even more barefoot ambiance, Whispering Wheat Oak is a delicately wirebrushed, honey-hued engineered hardwood that features extra-wide 7-1/2" boards that will surely provide the pathway to nature you are seeking.

2019 Fall Flooring Style Report