As homeowners gravitate to back-to-nature basics

As homeowners gravitate to back-to-nature basics, the demand for a healthy dose of organic design has soared, and so has the idea of wabi-sabi. This Japanese concept represents the simplistic beauty of living in tune with nature - imperfections and all. The growing demand for transitional spaces that synchronize the outside with the inside is an example of this design. The look requires plenty of plants, natural light, organic patterns - and waterproof flooring that can flow from living room to patio is always a plus. Medium-toned Yellowstone Oak wood-look tile from Avella is an ideal choice for multi-seasonal rooms with changing environmental conditions.

Finding comfort in imperfections and beauty in nature's simplicity.

To capture the essence of mindfully crafted spaces, use materials that soften or patina over time such as leather, metal, stone and wood, and choose furnishings that pay homage to the natural world such as wicker and rattan. Glass terrariums, mossy sculptures and garden motifs complete the look while hardwood flooring such as Bellawood Artisan's solid North Hampton Hickory, with its cerused finish and adaptable hue, sets a warm and comforting foundation for a simplistic style grounded in nature.