2020 Style Report
knot woodgrain fabric

Applaud the imperfections: the knots, the grains, the hues and the texture. Toast to the showcase of the spontaneous side of nature. And, celebrate the authenticity of all the special elements in natural materials. At its core, these are the pillars of mindful crafting - where the focus is on the experience of creating, mending and restoring items, not the end result. These engaging activities will allow people to create their own stories around the centerpieces of rooms and ensure each piece has a unique design purpose.

And as a result, this blend of authenticity, craft and history creates products with soulful meaning. Leaning into imperfections and natural occurring designs adds to the heart of craftsmanship. When this concept is put toward home design, rooms and spaces come alive with spontaneity. Mindfully crafted pieces emphasize regional accents and can combine nature's materials, where stone meets wood, or bringing in unexpected raw, burled wood looks - swirling grain patterns - to emphasize the imperfections and step away from the photoshopped feeling. It's this mindful crafting mindset that is seen in floors like Bellawood Artisan Bristol Tavern Hickory or CoreLuxe XD Smokey Quartz, which bring forth a perfect, not-so-perfect aesthetic.