2020 Style Report
Mood-boosting design Mood-boosting design
Manhattan Chevron

Spending so much time at home and indoors can take a big toll on people's mindsets and moods. The good news is the time at home has opened up opportunities to take simple steps to create spaces that people not only feel comfortable in, but also joyful.

Playing with color and patterns is one path to elevating the mood in a home, and it can be used through a variety of vehicles, such as accent pieces, furniture or a feature wall. Incorporating unique patterns on an accent wall or through flooring can add a touch of playfulness to a room. For color, make sure the selected color has a purpose and fits with your personal goals. For example, orange can represent creativity and change, green provides a restorative feeling by bringing you back to nature, yellow is known for increasing happiness, and blue creates a serene, calming space.

Simple design elements should also be in the mix to help give any room a mood boost. Letting natural light in, partnered with a light-colored floor, like CoreLuxe Mont-Blanc Pine, can reduce anxiety and make the room feel more open. Decluttering spaces as much as possible and incorporating soft geometric-shaped accent pieces, or even patterned flooring like Bellawood Artisan Manhattan Chevron, are additional easy changes that make a big, positive impact on homeowners' moods.