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Bostik Basic Bond 12

Basic Bond 12

Engineered Flooring Adhesive

Basic Bond 12 Engineered Flooring Adhesive is a single component urethane adhesive that is trowel applied. Basic Bond 12's elastomeric characteristics allow the adhesive to move with the wood as it expands and contracts over the life of the floor.

Basic Bond 12 may be used to adhere all dimensionally stable engineered hardwood flooring designed and recommended in writing by the hardwood flooring manufacturer for glue-down applications. This adhesive can also be used to install plywood as described, as well as ceramic tile, marble, and stone inlays for light commercial and/or residential applications.

Basic Bond 12 may be used over all properly prepared substrates common to hardwood flooring installations, including: concrete, plywood, particle or chip board (underlayment grade), well-bonded vinyl and ceramic tile, cement backer board, gypsum patch/underlayments (dry, above grade), cement patch/underlayments, radiant-heat flooring, and terrazzo.

Directions for Use
Read and understand data sheet completely before beginning installation. Follow industry standards and wood flooring manufacturer's recommendations for design, layout and application of wood flooring material.

Surface Preparation
Surfaces must be clean, dry and smooth; free of voids, projections, loose materials, oil, grease, sealers and all other surface contaminants.

Completely remove any adhesive residue or surface contamination by diamond grinding, shot blasting or scarifying. When diamond grinding, shot blasting or scarifying, the resulting surface texture must be similar to light broom finished concrete. Maximum acceptable floor variation is 3/16" in 10 feet. Areas requiring patching or leveling must be done using a Portland cement-based material.

The installation begins with a starter row secured to the subfloor; the starter row provides a stationary point to push against so flooring doesn't move during installation. Once the starter row is secured, apply adhesive to substrate with suitable trowel. Flooring may be installed using a "wet-lay" method of installation. For "wet-lay" installations, spread the adhesive and begin to install the flooring immediately. As you work, immediately clean any adhesive from prefinished flooring with mineral spirits (be careful not to harm finish), then dry buff with a non-abrasive paper towel. After a few rows have been installed, and as you move across the room, tape the boards together using removable 3M #2080 Blue tape to prevent boards from sliding and to secure close-fitting joints. Rolling is recommended for all installations. Flooring that is not flat should be tacked, weighted, or rolled to ensure proper contact between the flooring and substrate.

Plywood Over Concrete:
Score 4' x 4' sheets of 3/4" exterior-grade plywood on the backside every 8" to 10" by using a circular saw and cutting one-half the thickness of the plywood; "scoring or kerfing" takes the tension out of the plywood and helps to prevent possible warping or curling. Using a 1/4" x 1/4" x 1/4" square-notch trowel, apply adhesive to substrate and then set plywood into the wet adhesive. Allow the adhesive to fully cure before nailing strips or using Basic Bond 12 to install flooring.

Open Time
Refer to "Open/Working Time Chart."

Cure Time
Humidity affects cure to a greater degree than temperature; the higher the humidity, the faster the cure. Under normal conditions, light foot traffic is acceptable after 10 to 12 hours; normal traffic after 24 hours.

As you work, immediately clean any adhesive from prefinished flooring with mineral spirits (be careful not to harm finish), then dry buff with a non-abrasive paper towel. Immediately clean all tools and equipment with mineral spirits before material cures.

Trowel Clean-up Tip: Before use, cover areas of the trowel that are not used to spread the adhesive with duct tape. After use, simply tear off tape before material cures, and clean the remainder of the trowel with adhesive remover.


  • For use with engineered hardwood flooring only. Not for use with solids or bamboo.
  • Do not install flooring into adhesive that has "skinned over" (the adhesive must be "wet").
  • Slab temperature should be between 50F and 95F during installation.
  • Do not use on wet, dusty, contaminated, or friable substrates; do not use over substrates/slabs treated with sealers or curing compounds; do not use in areas subject to hydrostatic head. If there are any moisture related concerns, completely remove cutback adhesive residue (and other surface contaminants) by sandblasting, shotblasting, or scarifying.
  • Do not use over perimeter bonded flooring material.
  • Below grade installations are permitted with engineered flooring.
  • Use over gypsum based patch underlayments is limited to dry, "abovegrade" installations where the gypsum has dried hard (not dusty/powdery), with a minimum compressive strength > 2,000 psi for engineered hardwood installations.
  • Please refer to wood flooring manufacturer's recommendation for proper expansion relief around perimeter or throughout installation.
  • Do not use with vinyl-backed cork flooring.

Storage and Shelf Life
Store at temperatures between 50F and 100F. Shelf life is one year from date of manufacturing in closed, original packaging.

Re-Seal Partially Used Container: With pail upright place a sheet of plastic (e.g., trash bag) over the top of the pail. Secure lid tightly over the plastic on top of pail. Plastic will help prevent the material from bonding the lid closed.

Re-open Partially Used Container. Remove lid. Carefully cut and discard cured material and plastic from top of pail. Any uncured material may be used.

Basic Bond 12TM is available in 4 gallon pails.

Chemical & Physical Properties

Open/Working Time

180 minutes

Application Temperature

50 F to 100 F

Service Temperature

-40 F to 150 F


550,000 cps

Flash Point

> 145 F, closed cup

VOC Compliant (SCAQMD Rule 1168)

Yes (85 g/L)


Mild/not easily detected




13.8 lbs./gallon

Cure Time *1

10 to 12 hours

*1 Humidity affects cure to a greater degree than temperature; the higher the humidity, the faster the cure. Under normal conditions, light foot traffic is acceptable after 8 to 10 hours; normal traffic after 24 hours.

Open/Working Time Chart






60 F


< 3.8 Hours

< 3.5 Hours

< 3.2 Hours

70 F


< 2.8 Hours

< 2.5 Hours

< 2.2 Hours

80 F


< 2.3 Hours

< 2 Hours

< 1.7 Hours

Note. This chart is for reference only. actual jobsite times may vary.

Suggested Notched Trowel for Maximum Performance

3/16" x 5/32" V Notch
< 1/2" Engineered Hardwood Flooring
Coverage: 45-55 sq. ft/gallon

Trowel size is suggested to maximize coverage of adhesive. Periodically check coverage of adhesive during installation; 100% coverage is required on all concrete substrates, > 95% coverage is required to be transferred to the back of the engineered floor boards. Uneven subflooring may require the use of either a leveling/patching materia, or a larger V-notched trowel for proper coverage of adhesive

WARNING. Combustible liquid and vapor. Harmful if swallowed. Inhaling vapors harmful. May cause eye, skin and respiratory tract irritation. PRECAUTIONS. Keep away from sparks and flames. Avoid contact with mouth, eyes, skin and clothing. Wear chemical resistant gloves and clothing during handing. Avoid prolonged exposure to vapors. Use with adequate ventilation. Prevent build up of vapors by opening all windows and doors to achieve cross-ventilation. Wash thoroughly after handing. Store container in a clean, dry area. Follow all warnings and precautions with empty container as residues may remain. Do not reuse container without professional cleaning.

FIRST AID. If overcome by vapors, remove to fresh air and cal a physician. If necessary give artificial respiration or oxygen. In case of contact, immediately flush eyes and skin with water and call a physician. If ingested, DO NOT INDUCE VOMITING. Immediately contact a hospital or poison control center. Remove contaminated clothing to prevent further exposure.


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This document supersedes all previously published literature Y27-4-19-2012