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Flooring 101 Home Flooring Adhesive LEED Statement Mapei w/ Silencer HD Underlayment

Mapei w/ Silencer HD Underlayment

March 3, 2010

TO: Foam Products Corporation

RE: MAPEI® moisture cure urethane adhesives for use with Silencer HD FOF underlayment

MAPEI® Corporation recommends the use of all of its moisture cure urethanes for the installation of Silencer HD FOF as well as the subsequent wood flooring product in the following fashion.


Each of the following adhesives may be used to install the Silencer HD FOF product to an industry accepted substrate in the following order.

GOOD - Ultrabond 975
BETTER - Ultrabond 980 
BEST - Ultrabond 990

The trowel size recommended for this portion of the installation is 3/32" X 3/32" X 3/32".


Please use the recommendation below for successful adhesive selections over the Silencer HD FOF product.

GOOD - Ultrabond 975 for engineered plank and parquet.

BETTER - Ultrabond 980 for domestic solids, engineered plank, and parquet

BEST - Ultrabond 990 for exotic wood, bamboo, solid domestics, engineered plank, and parquet.

Please follow all manufacturer's recommended installation procedures and industry standards in the installation of these products. Refer to the most current MAPEI Technical Data Sheet for more detailed information; available on our website . If you should need further assistance, please call (800) 992-6273 to contact our Technical Services Department.

Shawn E. Mitcham
MAPEI Technical Services
Certified Independent Wood Flooring Inspector
MAPEI Corporation

1144 East Newport Center Drive, Deerfield Beach, FL
(954) 246-8532 / (954) 246-8805 Fax

Flooring 101 Home Flooring Adhesive LEED Statement Mapei w/ Silencer HD Underlayment