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Flooring 101 Home Solid Hardwood Flooring Warranties Bellawood Limited Warranty (1)

Bellawood Limited Warranty (1)

WHO'S COVERED: As the original purchaser of your Bellawood floor from Lumber Liquidators, you are covered by this warranty Bellawood flooring is eligible for a transfer of the warranty to any subsequent owners of the property where the flooring was initially installed so long as you register your Bellawood purchase as described below.

LENGTH OF COVERAGE: This limited residential warranty is valid for a period of one hundred years from the date of purchase of the flooring or five years for commercial installations.

WHAT'S COVERED: Your floor is warranted against finish wear from normal household conditions resulting in the exposure of the bare wood or bamboo, as applicable.

It is also warranted against grading, finishing and milling defects in excess of the applicable waste factor. Waste factor is an industry term that refers to an allowance for manufacturing and natural defects in flooring and is represented by a percentage. While board selection may vary according to personal preference, waste is determined by NWFA standards Generally waste will be no more than 5% to 10% of the total square footage of your purchase. However, waste may be higher based on room layout, product description, or product grade.


Moisture (or Lack of Moisture): Damages caused by moisture (such as leaking pipes, spills, wet mopping, pets, relative humidity, subfloor moisture, etc.) are excluded. Moisture (and dryness) can cause issues such as checks cupping, crowning, warping, buckling, peeling, twisting or gapping.

Other Site and Environmental Conditions: Defects or damages resulting from site conditions (such as extreme heat,radiant heat, or exposure to sand); indentations and scratches (caused by pets, furniture, appliances, tools, heels, toys, etc.); improper maintenance and accidents; misuse and abuse; and any wear that conflicts with care instructions (available at are not covered.

Gloss reduction: Fading or loss of gloss does not indicate finish wear and  is not a product defect.

Within the waste factor: Defects in flooring that do not exceed the waste factor are not covered under this warranty. Consequently, it is recommended that you add the applicable percentage to your total square footage when ordering your floor.

Other finishes: This warranty covers the factory applied finish. Applying another finish and/or sanding (such as in preparation for another finish) may damage for factory applied finish and voids the warranty against finish wear.

Improper Installation: Damages caused by any installation (regardless of the source of the installation advice) which conflicts with applicable product installation instructions (available at and the NWFA's installation standards are excluded from this warranty. For example damage caused by sub-surface, sub-flooring and jobsite environmental deficiencies; improper transportation, acclimation and storage; damage, and bumps or surface dimples created by nailing machines or staples are not covered.

Non-Traditional Installations: For example, intricate patterns, installations on walls or ceilings and usages for purposes other than flooring (like furniture or countertops)void this warranty.

Boards Installed with Visible Defects: If you see any board with defects DO NOT install it. This includes visible manufacturing, natural or other defects.

Natural Wood Characteristics: Flooring is a natural product. It may change as a result of the conditions to which they are exposed including seasonal and environmental factors. Seasonal gapping due to expansion and contraction in heating and non-heating seasons may occur. Color changes due to aging or exposure to UV/sunlight may also occur. In addition, natural variations from board to board, like differences in grain, color, tone, and knots, may exist. Issues relating to these natural characteristics are not covered under this warranty.

Color and Shade Variations: New or replacement flooring may not always match samples, printed color photography including websites and catalogs), existing flooring or other wood products (such as cabinets, stair railings, trim, and moldings) due to, among other things, natural variations that occur in species, age, growing conditions, exposure to UV/sunlight and other factors. Consequently, these variations should be expected.

Odd Lots Third-Party Purchases: An odd lot is flooring that is discounted because it did not pass our rigorous inspection process and is not covered under this warranty. Additionally, only purchases made directly from Lumber Liquidators in store, online or by phone are covered by this warranty.

Special, Indirect or Consequential Damages: Losses, damages or expenses relating to anything other than the floor itself are not covered to the extent such exclusions are permitted by law. For example, personal damages costs that may arise while pursuing a quality issue, such as missed time from work, hotel stays, storage fees, kennel costs for pets, etc., are not covered. Some States do not allow the exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages, so the above limitation or exclusion may not apply to you. Further, costs relating to the removal of defective flooring or installation of replacement flooring are not covered under the warranty.Countertops, cabinets, built-in appliances or other fixtures should not be installed on top of your floor and the cost of the removal or replacement of these items is not covered.

Radiant Heat: Any flooring installed over a radiant heat that is not installed according to the radiant heat manufacturer guidelines, product installation instructions, and NWFA as not covered by this warranty.


Follow the Pre-Installation Requirements: Prior to installing a single board, you or the installer must determine that the job-site environment and the sub-surfaces meet or exceed applicable industry and product standards. The applicable installation instructions discuss these standards, which include the following:

  • You must comply with all applicable environmental and building codes, regulations and laws.
  • Your installation area and subfloor must be dry, stiff and flat within industry standards. Also, use a moisture barrier according to the installation instructions and acclimate your flooring to the area where it is being installed. Once acclimated and before work begins, measure the moisture content of the flooring and subfloor with a moisture meter and document it. The moisture levels between the flooring and the subfloor must be 4% or less for flooring that is up to 2.25" wide or less for flooring that is over 2.25" wide.
  • Your installation area must be between 60 to 80 Fahrenheit with a relative humidity of 30% and 50% for at least five days prior to delivery and remain at such levels throughout the life of your floor to ensure optimum performance.

Follow the Installation and Care Instructions: It is your or the installer's, duty to make sure the installation requirements are strictly followed, especially as they relate to the use of moisture barriers, installation tools such as nailers and trowels, and the evaluation of job site conditions and moisture testing. Care instructions can be found at

Inspect All Boards for Visible Detects: Boards installed with visible defects are not covered under this warranty. Accordingly, before installation, you and the installer should examine all boards to ensure they are satisfactory. if any boards are unacceptable due to color, finish, milling or any other reason, it is up to you to determine to use them, hide them in areas like closets, trim off the imperfection, or not install them at all.

You should plan on being present during installation to ensure that all required procedures are completed and boards with visible defects are not installed. It is important to inspect individual boards and to frequently step back to observe the "whole picture" before installation is completed.

If quality issues are suspected before or during installation, immediately contact the store where your floor was purchased or call us at 1-800-254-0181.

Touch-ups During Installation: Use of stain, filler or putty stick for touch-up is considered normal practice.

BELLAWOOD TRANSFERABILITY: The Bellawood warranty is not transferable unless you register your flooring purchase at or via telephone at 1-300-254-0181 without ninety (90) days of your purchase. Once registered, we will send you a Bellawood Certificate If you don't receive your Bellawood Certificate within thirty (30) days of registering, please call us at 1-300-254-0181 To file a claim, any subsequent owner will have to present the original Bellawood Certificate, so it is essential that you store it in a safe place and give it to the new owner if you sell or transfer ownership of your home. No claim by a subsequent owner will be accepted without the original Bellawood Certificate and proof of ownership of the properly.

Keep Your Bellawood Certificate in a Safe Place: (Bellawood warranty transfers only) If you transfer or sell the property where the flooring is installed, you must give the new owners your certificate or they will not have any rights under this warranty. Additionally make sure you put all documentation that proves the flooring was properly installed (including results of moisture content testing, receipts for underlayment, etc.) with your Bellawood Certificate and provide them to the new owner.

WHAT WE WILL DO: If any portion of your floor should fail with respect to this warranty, we will provide a store credit for the purchase price paid for the defective portion of the flooring (excluding any installation costs and labor) in excess of the applicable waste factor mentioned in "What's Covered." A store credit is the sole remedy under this warranty and can be used for store product purchases only. There is no guarantee that the same or a similar product to the original flooring wilI be available at the time a store credit is issued or redeemed.

We reserve the right to investigate, assess and validate reported claims by, among other things, requesting samples from you for technical analysis and performing an inspection of the flooring and installation location.


HOW TO FILE A WARRANTY CLAIM: Just visit the store where you purchased your floor, call us at 1-800-254-0181, or email via the "contact us" Iink at Claims must be submitted within ninety (90) days of the date that the problem with the floor is first discovered. For a transferred warranty, as noted above, to process a claim submitted by a subsequent owner, you must have timely registered your warranty and that subsequent owner must have the original Bellawood Certificate and proof of ownership of the property where the flooring was installed.

YOUR RIGHTS: The terms above represent the sole and exclusive warranty with regard to your Bellawood flooring. WE DISCLAIM ALL OTHER WARRANTIES, EXCEPT TO THE EXTENT THAT ANY SUCH WARRANTIES CANNOT BE VALIDLY DECLAIMED UNDER APPLICABLE LAW.

This warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you may also have other rights which vary from State to State or Province to Province. We maintain the exclusive right to alter the obligations and і limitations of this warranty.

This warranty is provided by Lumber Liquidators, Inc., 3000 John Deere Road, Toano, Virginia 23168.

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Flooring 101 Home Solid Hardwood Flooring Warranties Bellawood Limited Warranty (1)