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Out-of-Stock Flooring

I noticed on your website that the flooring I want is out-of-stock.  It says, "Available for delivery after xx/xx/xx."  When can I actually expect to receive the floor?

Occasionally, Lumber Liquidators runs out of stock on the most popular species due to the excellent quality and low prices. When this occurs, you will see the message, "Available for delivery after xx/xx/xx." Please rest assured that Lumber Liquidators fulfills orders on a first-come, first-served basis. You may check with your local store to see if there is any in stock at that location. If not, you can place an order for delivery after the available date shown. Most customers choose to pick up their order from the store closest to them to further enhance their savings (no shipping cost to nearest store). If you choose this option, depending on where you are located, please expect a minimum of 2 weeks after the available date for the product to arrive at your store. Additionally, if you need product sooner, we have a team of expert Product Specialists who could help you determine if a different, in-stock, floor would work for you! Please call 800-366-4204 and choose the "Sales" option.