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Splines for Solid Bamboo

Do you have splines for solid bamboo?

Thank you for contacting Lumber Liquidators. 

Splines are used to reverse the direction of tongue and grove flooring when nailing. We do carry  splines for the Morning Star 1/2" Solid Bamboo and some 3/8" products, however, verify its availability when placing your order. Actually if in a pinch, a regular 3/4" hardwood spline may work well for some 1/2"or 5/8" materials, but may need to use a palm sander for proper fitting. Many installers will make their own spline on site using a table saw. Directions on how to do this can be found on the Lumber Liquidators Flooring 101 site.

Spline installation;

1) Install a temporary "dummy row" following a straight chalk line, (this will keep the new rows inline, straight)

2) Install about 5 rows in one direction

3) Next, pull up the temporary "dummy row", using a spline install about 5 rows in the other direction

For secure holding, both glue and nail this spline into the back side of the exposed groove, now the floor can be worked in both directions.  An excellent glue for spline work is (TiteBond ll) from the Franklin Co.  or a quality carpenters wood glue.

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