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Health Concerns With Aluminum Oxide

Are there health issues regarding aluminum oxide floor finishes?

Safety concerns regarding aluminum oxide finishes are understandable. Reasonable precautions to sensitivities should always be taken. Most "new product" smells will have dissipated long before the flooring has been delivered for installation, usually during the shipping and storage stage.

Lumber Liquidators hardwood flooring is finished using aluminum oxide microchips applied with several coats of urethane finish cured under UV light. After the "curing process" the finished flooring in this state is completely safe for our children and pets.

However, as for any dust particulates from Aluminum oxide or even wood dust, if you should choose to do the installation yourself do what the Pros do when cutting; Set the power saws outside with a fan blowing the wood-dust away from your body. This will keep you cleaner and allow you to safely see the cutting area better  - don't forget to wear your safety glasses!

Technical and Installation 04/2019