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Installing Wood Over Varied Flooring

I have an older home, my dilemma is that half the floor is cement the other half is wood, I want to install a wood floor over the entire area. Everyone says I can't. How can I do it?

Our Mayflower, Builder's Pride, Virginia Millworks, Bellawood, and Morning Star "Quick Clic" engineered floating wood floors installed over a pad is perfect for these conditions. In addition, if you prefer, there are several ways a " solid nail down or glue down installation can be accomplished;

1) A raised plywood platform or sleeper system can be used. However, this can present height problems with other parts of the home

2) A floating plywood system can employed. Two layers of " plywood are screwed together to form a nailing base. One layer is placed along the longest wall, over 6-8mm plastic as a moisture barrier, seams overlapped and taped well. For stiffness, the next layer is placed on a diagonal; maintain an expansion gap of a "minum all around the perimeter.

3) Or plywood glued to the subfloor as a nailing base. To make the plywood flexible, 4'x8' sheets of plywood can be ripped or cut into 12"x8' boards, and then boards are wet-set using 100% urethane adhesives. Position the new 12"x8' boards so that they span over the point where the cement and wood subfloor meet.

This type of installation (half over wood and half cement) can be a challenge because the wood subfloor part that joins the cement is subject to up and down, or side to side expansion -presenting fastening and movement issues. This movement needs to be addressed before beginning an installation.

The most inexpensive way to install flooring over a room that is half wood and half concrete is to float a laminated or engineered wood floor. First install a vapor retarding high density underlayment pad over both  subfloors, and then install the floating engineered wood or laminate floor right over the padding.

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Technical and installation 04/2019