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Installing Laminate Over Vinyl

Can I put Laminate over my kitchen vinyl floor or do I have to pull it up?

The real beauty of Laminates and Engineered wood floating floors is that these are designed to be installed/floated over many types of subfloorings.

When covering existing vinyl tiles or vinyl floors, first determine if the vinyl is well secured and in good condition, any waviness, tears or unevenness must be repaired prior to installation. Paper-backed vinyl offers a good base to install over, however, flexible cushiony vinyl usually glued around the perimeter should be removed because these allow too much seam movement. Laminates seams can tend to separate or even crack if not supported well.

In addition; some laminate styles do not have a pad pre-attached to the back, therefore you would need to select an underlayment. If your laminate already has a pad pre-attached, no additional padding would be required. If the vinyl is installed over concrete use our Dream Home 6mil poly sheeting as your moisture vapor barrier over your existing vinyl, overlap the seams 6" and duct tape, install your floor.

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