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Quiet Walk Pad Installed Upside Down

My Quiet Walk pad is installed upside down on cement does it matter?

Oh no!


My floating engineered hardwood floor is almost completely installed and the installers have the quiet walk underlayment plastic/blue side down on the concrete floor, not blue side up like the instructions say.  Is this an issue?  Do I have to ask them to take it all off and start over (it's 95% complete) because this upside down underlayment will cause future problems, or is this a so what?


They are coming back tomorrow morning and I need to know what to tell them, so please respond asap.


I am in CA and we do not have moisture issues with concrete in my area, so basically I'm concerned about how the floor will wear and absorb noise with the underlayment installed backward.


Thanks Gina

Unfortunately, not following the Quiet Walk installation instructions will void warranties from the pad manufacture, Midwest Padding.  

 Installing the pad with the Logo or plastic film side up benefits you in several ways.

1st - It allows the seams to be properly taped providing you a complete moisture barrier over cement.

2nd - Although you may have no issues with ground water coming up into the slab, cement surfaces will tend to sweat when covered. Even slight moisture can cause unprotected flooring to cup or warp. This pad is designed to wick-out dampness through the perimeter.

For the best protection against moisture, the best advice is to install the pad and flooring correctly as per manufacturer's directions


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