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Screws vs. Nails for Hardwood Install

Can we use screws instead of nails for our Hardwood installation?


We will be installing 3/4 Brazilian redwood and will be hand drilling and hand nailing.  We're wondering if we're down there hand nailing could we use screws instead?  Thanks for helping to clear up the little debate we're having at our house.





Wow! Congratulations on your Brazilian Redwood, a very beautiful and hard wood.

 "Janka hardness comparison"; Red Oak 1290 Brazilian Redwood 3190!

 As you stated hand nailing maybe the way to go, as nailers may or may not work without damaging these harder woods, (splitting tongues or surface dimpling)

 When hand nailing, a standard 6-8d steel finishing nail is all that's needed. Or use screw shank nails, a finish nail with grooves along its length/shank. (These can be found at your local home center or ordered through their catalogue dept) 

 I do not recommend the use of screws for the installation of your flooring. Actually, screws work too well at holding down the floorboards, which can be a problem. This is because wood floorboards will naturally want to expand and contract equalizing itself to your indoor humidity. Floor nails work best and will allow this normal movement while also securing the floor.

 Please visit our FLOORING 101 for wood acclimation tips and other related topics.


Enjoy your project!


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