DIY Before the Holidays
DIY Before the Holidays

Hardie Backerboard

Do you warrant your products glued to HARDIE BackerBoard?

Hardie backer board was developed for use in the wet tile trades and this company has been adapting its use for exterior siding, carpeting and Kitchen vinyls and other floors.

Their expressed warrantees relate only to their product, in other words from the backer board down, not from the board up and what's covering it. Hardie Backer states any warranty would come from the installer and the adhesives they would choose to use.

 One problem with using this product for glue downs is the dust! These type of cement based underlayments are always dusty on the surface even when wiped down. Although the dust is no problem for the wet trades this dust can inhibit proper glue bonding so vital for hardwood. These panels may require a dust sealer for glue downs.

Like cement, Hardie Backer is not a real moisture barrier, moisture can migrate through it. Its true benefit when used in the wet trades is that it doesn't rot when exposed to moisture.

Cupping in wood, either wet or dry is always site or job related.

     (The wood is showing the signs of its environment)

We endorse the established installation methods of the NWFA National Wood Flooring Association.

 Because of the many installation variables, we can only warranty our product's milling and finishes. Installers will guarantee their work should they decide to use these boards under floor products



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