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What is a Double-Stick Installation?

What is a double-stick installation?



For those that may not know, gluing an underlayment to the subfloor then flooring to the underlayment is referred to as a double-gluedown or double-stick installation.

With regards to wood flooring, double-stick installations promote a much warmer and quieter floor and for this reason are usually specified by building associations, condos and multifamily dwellings.

Best results are achieved when adhesives under an underlayment are allowed to fully cure. This generally happens around 16hrs depending on temperature and humidity (the higher the ambient temperature and humidity the faster the cure rate with urethane adhesives). Underlayments used for double-stick installations should also be rolled with a 75lb roller to flatten out the floor and promote adhesion. Next, bonding the wood floor to the underlayment can begin.

Rushing double-stick installations can result in gapping, loose fitting boards, or a twisting of the finished floor.

Appropriate underlayments for double-stick installations are; Insulayment, 12mm cork, Eco-Silent Sound HD, and Bellawood Platinum.

Tech and Install 4/2019