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Will Floating Floors Expand?

Will floating floors expand?

Yes, all wood and bamboo floors will expand and contract in direct relation to environmental humidity and temperature fluctuations in the home. Allow this normal movement by ensuring the recommended perimeter expansion gap per product.

Also, in many cases floating floor manufacturers recommend putting expansion breaks between rooms, and after so many feet of continuous flooring in length or width. By utilizing expansion breaks, the flooring will have less expansion and contraction due to changes of humidity levels in the home. The expansion breaks can be covered by matching T-moldings.

If the flooring is being acclimated and installed at a time of year where in home humidity is at it's lowest, it's best to add more room for expansion at the walls. If flooring is installed and acclimated at a time of year where humidity is the highest inside the home, then a smaller expansion gap can be utilized.

For best results to minimize movement within a floating floor, homeowners should try to maintain a consistent indoor humidity level inside the home. This can be done by using humidifiers in the winter or dehumidifiers in the summer. HVAC professional can also install a systems that can control the indoor humidity for you.


Technical and Installation   02/2016