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Laminate Floor Care Instructions

Laminate Floor Care Instructions

Laminate floors, like other fine furnishings in your home require proper care to keep them looking their best. Everyone responsible for floor cleaning -including staff or hired custodial - should understand and follow these easy cleaning and maintenance instructions.

Regular Maintenance
Protect the Floor, Repairs 
Spot Removal
Tips for laminates with different textures
Laminate floors dos and don'ts

Regular Maintenance

The under-surface of your new laminate flooring is overlaid with a moisture resistant Melamine resin-coated decor paper. This surface is protected with a very hard, Aluminum Oxide wear-layer to resist dirt, wear, and resist scratches. This factory finish results in a very durable and easy surface to clean.

Therefore, your new Laminate floor does not need to be waxed or polished. Never wet-mop or flood-mop your laminate floor. Never scrub with steel wool or any other coarse materials as this can permanently damage the surface or texture.

The following simple steps are usually all it takes to keep your floors clean.

  • For general cleaning, use a dust mop, or vacuum (without the beater bar) with the soft-floor attachment of your vacuum cleaner or wipe occasionally with a damp cotton or micro-fiber cloth.     
  • For heavier cleaning, use the Bellawood Hardwood Floor Cleaner. Do not use soap or detergent-based cleaners, wax-based products or any type of polish on laminate floors as these may leave a dull, filmy residue.
  • It is not recommended to wax or refinish your laminate floor.

Protect the Floor, Repairs

Laminates are moisture resistant wood type products, though not water-proof. While remarkably durable, there is of course no such thing as an indestructible floor.

Here are a few simple protective measures that are important to keep your floor looking new.

  • To protect your laminate floor from surface scratches, place walk-off area rugs or mats inside any exterior doorway to collect small bits of gravel that may track in on shoes.
  • Use felt floor protectors (available at local stores) on the legs of chairs, sofas, TV stands, tables and other easily movable furniture.
  • Replace hard plastic casters on chairs with soft rubber wheels, and lift rather than slide heavy objects across the floor.
  • Minor chip or scratch damage to a laminate plank can be repaired with laminate repair kits and color-matched silicon/latex fillers. If the damaged area is larger than 1 /2" of an inch, a professional can replace an entire plank.

Spot Removal

Despite normal precautions sometimes stains can occur. A basic stain and spot removal guide

  • For chocolate, grease, juice, and wine - Use a cotton rag dampen with warm water and a nonabrasive, degreasing cleaner (such as, Dawn and water) or Bellawood Hardwood Floor Cleaner.
  • For tar, markers, crayon, lipstick, oil, shoe polish, ink, nail polish and cigarette burns - use acetone/nail polish remover or denatured alcohol. Note: Apply using a cotton rag, do not apply directly to the floor
  • For candle wax and chewing gum; Apply ice- let harden and scrape carefully with a blunt plastic scraper.

Tins for laminate with different textures


It is recommended to clean a floor in the same general direction as the texture, not across it. A sticky, hazy or greasy looking surface can occur if the floor was cleaned the wrong way such as; using too much cleaner or the wrong cleaners like detergents or soaps.

Polished/ High Gloss

Dried watermarks are often more visible on polished textures. Therefore, for best results, immediately wipe the floor dry after damp cleaning.


Clean along or with the beveled-edges, not across them. Floors with beveled edges can act as a pocket where moisture can collect. When cleaning make sure no water or cleaner has collected or puddled in the bevel. Never wet-mop any laminate floor, dry floors immediately.

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Laminate floors dos and don'ts

Do protect laminate surfaces

Don't wet-mop or use household cleaners on laminate surfaces

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Flooring 101 Home Floor Care and Repairs Floor Care Laminate Floor Care Instructions