DIY Before the Holidays
DIY Before the Holidays

Scratch and Dent Prevention

My floor is scratching and denting!  What can I do?

The way a floor is treated or maintained can affect its longevity. In addition, there is no relationship between the hardness or denseness of exotic species and its resistance to surface scratches. Wood floor manufactures do not offer warranties of protection against denting or scratches, rather product warranties refer to milling defects and finish wear within specified periods of time.

While some finishes may claim to be harder, all top finishes whether Oil or Water based urethanes are generally listed as scratch resistant though not scratch proof. Actually, our pre-finished Bellawood and Dura-Wood is superior to any site applied finish. This is because site finished floors with only 2 or 3 coats require time to fully "air cure" which can be problematic on days with high humidity.

Our Bellawood floors are factory pre-finished with an UV cured urethane finish, which is scratch resistant and abrasion resistant. Using a multi-step application process many coats of finish are applied to domestic and exotic wood species and each coat is hard-cured using Ultraviolet (UV) light. Bellawood pre-finished flooring offers superior wear resistance and is backed by a limited 100-year Transferrable warranty! Maintaining the appearance of any wood floor requires close attention to in-door climate controls during seasonal changes.

Wood floors like furniture will scratch and dent if not properly protected. It is recommended to use furniture pads (included in our cleaning kit) under the furniture legs. Pet nails should be kept trimmed and sharp objects (including high heels) kept away from the floor. Often scratches can be adequately repaired using liquid scratch covers. Dents and nicks can be filled using wood floor repair kits available at your local home store. If your floor is severely damaged please consult a professional about refinishing, an individual board replacement may be all that's needed.

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