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Removing Gluedown Hardwood

The steps for gluedown removal are simple, the actual work is quite labor intensive. Here's some general tips.

1) First, mark-off or outline the good part of the floor you want to save from the part you want to remove by using blue painter's tape #2080

2) Next, adjust the blade depth of your power saw so that it cuts through the wood floor but not into the concrete.

3) Begin cutting along the blue tape; make sure the blade is on the side you want to remove, some 1/4"-1/2" from the board edge.

4) Next, for easier removal, cut across the width of the boards every 4"- 6".

5) Use a hammer and flat crowbar or chisel to beat up and remove pieces of the glued flooring

  6) Use a razor blade type scraper to remove bits of trash and the adhesive. (Do not use chemical removers as these will interfere with any new glue bond). A buffer with an adhesive removal disc can be rented to remove tough adhesives.    

7)    Thoroughly clean up any trash and dust residue left on the floor

8)    You are now ready to install this section.

General Safety considerations:

Use (PPE) Personal Protective Equipment such as safety glasses, gloves and ear protection.

Wear (OSHA) approved breathing masks when working around concrete dust/silica exposure for surface preparation, grinding, patching or leveling.

Note that older or pre-existing homes (pre 1978) may contain lead based paint on walls, baseboards and door trims and that existing adhesives may contain asbestos, therefore, it is best to consult with local or state regulations for proper remediation.