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Bostik w/ Exotic Wood Flooring

November 21, 2007

Mr. Robert Middleton
Lumber Liquidators, Inc.
3000 John Deere Road
Toano, VA 23168
P: 800-366-4204

RE:    Lumber Liquidators Exotic Wood Flooring Samples

Dear Mr. Middleton,

Thank you for your recent inquiry regarding the use of Bostik Hardwood Products with the following submitted samples:

LL Item #:





Brazilian Mesquite

Brazilian Walnut

Brazilian Teak






3" x 3/8"

3" x 3/8"

3" x 3/8"





Bostik's evaluation of the above products:

The ultimate quality and performance of hardwood flooring is dependent upon thousands of factors too complicated for this correspondence. However, the samples submitted of the above referenced flooring materials were tested for adhesion using a representative sample of Bostik's moisture cure urethane adhesives. Test results showed excellent bonding characteristics that are consistent with other similar hardwood flooring materials bonded with Bostik moisture cure urethane adhesives. From an "ease-of-installation" perspective, these samples appear to have the most important characteristics of being flat, straight, and we were able to rack them together well. The following Bostik Hardwood Products are recommended for flooring approved by the hardwood flooring manufacturer for use in a glue-down method of installation:

"Good, Better, Best" Scenarios:   






Bostik's Fast Patch 102

"Best" patch

Bostik's SL-150 Underlayment

"Best" underlayment


Moisture Vapor & Sound Protection:

Bostik's MVP 4

"Best" Membrane



Bostik's BESTT

"Best" Adhesive

Bostik's TKO®

"Better" Adhesive

Bostik's BST®

"Good" Adhesive

Bostik's EFAT

(Not approved for use with Solids)

Bostik warrants that the above referenced Bostik Hardwood Adhesives will bond all engineered, solid, or acrylic impregnated hardwood flooring, designed and recommended in writing by the wood flooring manufacturer for glue-down, to all substrates common to hardwood flooring for a period equal to the wood flooring manufacturer's product warranty. This warranty is contingent upon the following:

  •    The adhesive must be used in accordance with Bostik Hardwood Products most recent published literature.
  •    The wood flooring must be installed in accordance with the wood flooring manufacturer's most recently published literature, NWFA & NOFMA pertaining to glue down installations, including but not limited to, wood flooring acclimation, expansion space, jobsite temperature, relative humidity and air flow requirement.
  •    The installation must be maintained in accordance with the wood flooring manufacturer's recommendations, including, but not limited to, temperature, relative humidity, and proper maintenance.
  •    This warranty does not constitute any written or implied warranty on the quality or stability of the above referenced product(s)

If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact me directly at 978-750-7234, or you may e-mail me at .

Bostik, Inc.

Steven Lima
Technical Service Manager
Flooring Group

cc: R. McNamara, B. Kelley, D, Forgetta
(L:/Lima/Lumber Liquidators Exotic Wood Products Warranty)

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