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DriTac 6200 Instructions

DriTac 6200 Cork Installation Instructions

  • Check with cork manufacturer for moisture testing and other special installation instructions.
  • Do not install vinyl-backed cork flooring with DriTac 6200.
  • Flooring should always acclimate to "live in" temperature and humidity conditions.
  • When installing cork flooring using DriTac 6200, the adhesive must be used as a contact adhesive. Begin by spreading DriTac 6200 on the subfloor using the appropriate trowel (see below) and allow the adhesive to completely dry. It will change from white to translucent when dry. Ensuring the adhesive is thoroughly dry will help prevent moisture being transferred to the tile. Drying time will vary with the temperature and humidity conditions. After the adhesive has thoroughly dried on the subfloor apply a thin coat of adhesive to the back of the cork tiles using a paint bush or paint roller. Allow adhesive on the back of the cork to flash for approximately 15 minutes before installing the tiles.
  • Roll the flooring during and immediately after installation

  • Allow for recommended expansion space.

Trowel information and illustration

  • When installing cork tiles up to 3/16" in thickness use DriTac trowel TR-3, 3/32"x3/32"x3/32" v notch. Spread rate 120 square feet per gallon.
  • When installing cork tiles greater that 3/16" in thickness use DriTac trowel TR-5, 1/8"x1/8"x1/8" square notch. Spread rate 80 square feet per gallon.

Flooring 101 Home Flooring Adhesive Other DriTac 6200 Instructions