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Quiet Warmth Film

QuietWarmth Radiant Heat Film for floating floors is a thoughtfully designed electric radiant heat system that can be placed beneath radiant heat approved floating floor materials. It is a unique conductive ink technology that does not rely on the use of traditional wiring filaments to transform electric current to heat.

Because of this one-of-a-kind configuration, QuietWarmth Film:

  • Disperses a gentle, more evenly consistent heat through the entire install area.
    Because of this even heat distribution, there are no gaps or cold spots.
  • Specifically designed with recommendations from flooring manufacturers.
  • Ultra-thin design at only .016" thick, will not raise the floor height.
  • World's easiest system to install with no cumbersome wires. Roll out and run leads to a junction box. No wires to bury, no mortar to mix, and complete the project faster.
  • Can easily be cut to fit to a smaller area.
  • Because of the unique way it transforms electricity to heat and the power it requires, it can consume up to 50% less power than wired systems.
  • Control the temperature with a corresponding thermostat.

Installation guide (refer to installation manual for complete directions):

1.    Ensure there is a dedicated 20 amp circuit for the heated mats only from the main electrical box. No other outlets or electrical device may be branched on this circuit. Protect the circuit supplying the power to the heated mats with a ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) or approved thermostat with built in GFCI

2.    Inspect and test mats for proper resistance readings with an OHMs meter. See install manual for proper out-of-the-box resistance measurements.

3.    Plan out the space: configuration of the heated mats and where to run the leads to the designated junction box

4.    Remove any and all sharp debris from the jobsite floor

5.    Roll out approved underlayment over the subfloor. (A vapor barrier installed beneath the underlayment may be needed over concrete at or below grade)

6.    Roll out the QuietWarmth Radiant Heat Film over the underlayment

7.    If needed to cut the length of the mat to fit, cut off the desired section straight across the entire width of the mat ON the dotted line between two of the solid black strips.

8.    Cover any Bus Bars that have been cut with provided self-adhesive insulating discs included.

9.    If installing a corresponding thermostat with temperature sensor, install that sensor or floor probe at this time

10.    Run the factory attached leads from the heated mats to the junction box for proper power supply connection

11.    Recheck heated mat resistance once again to ensure no damage has occurred to this point.

Refer to Section 4 in the manual for resistance calculations

12.    Connect the electrical leads to the junction box and connect to switch or thermostat per those instructions. All electrical work must be performed to the National Electrical Code

13.    Lay floating floor materials over the top of the QuietWarmth Radiant heat film