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Flooring 101 Home Flooring Underlayment Specifications Quiet Warmth Film Specifications

Quiet Warmth Film Specifications

.    A conductive ink technology, combines over 30 years of patented radiant heat science.
.    Use with most floating laminate, engineered wood brands, and floating tile floors like SnapStone, Avaire, and Eclipse brands.

.    World's easiest radiant heat system to install. Roll out and cut to fit. No Mess, No fuss.
.    Disperses a fast, more evenly consistent heat throughout the entire floor.
.    Ultra-thin design, only .016" thick
.    Saves money by consuming up to 50% less power than traditional wired systems.


QuietWarmth vs. Other Electric Floor Systems
.    There is no easier radiant floor heating system to install.
Simple 3 step process!
1.    Install any recommended vapor barriers and install the flooring underlayment.
2.    Roll out electric radiant heat film and run factory attached leads to a junction box.
3.    Lay down floating floor materials.
.    Warms your floor as well as the entire room.
.    Minimal thickness profile. Ultra-thin (less than .016") heated panels keeps same floor heights through room transitions.
.    Provides uniform heat. Your floor is heated uniformly with no gaps and the radiant heat is dispersed evenly throughout the room.
.    Quiets your floor.
.    No cumbersome wires. 10' lead wires are connected to one end of each mat for easy routing and final connecting to the thermostat.
.    Safety certified by ETL in compliance with UL Standards for radiant flooring in the USA and Canada.
.    Energy efficient design, can save up to 50% the energy of any other radiant heat system.

QuietWarmth vs. Forced Air

.    Energy saving. More efficient because warmth is concentrated near the floor and not the ceiling. Each room is individually zoned, heating only the rooms that are occupied.
.    More comfortable. Radiant floor heat warms the objects in the room and not the air providing the best thermal comfort system available.
.    Quiet, clean and hypoallergenic. No noisy fans blowing dust around.
.    Simpler, lower cost 3 step installation.
1.    Install underlayment.
2.    Roll out electric radiant heat film.
3.    Install upper vapor barrier and flooring down.

QuietWarmth vs. Hydronic (water)

.    Maintenance free. No mechanical heaters to heat the water and pumps to move the water. No potential maintenance issues to worry about.
.    Even heat distribution. Water near the end of the system has cooled compared to water at the beginning of the system.
.    More efficient. Water systems must heat the water, then move the water by pumping it through pipes. With Floating Floor Heat, all the electric power is used to heat the floor.
.    Does not raise the floor. Most hydronic systems raise the floorlevel by as much as 114 inches to make room for the water pipes.
.    Simpler, lower cost installation. No water heaters, pumps, manifolds tubing and other mechanical parts.

QuietWarmth vs. Electric Baseboard

.    More efficient and more even heat distribution. Baseboard heating is located at the room perimeter and overheats the outside of the room. It does not warm the floor or your feet.
.    Safer. Baseboard heating can be hot to the touch.
.    Better appearance. Baseboard heaters are unsightly while Floating

QWARM1.5X5F120 1.5 Foot 5 Foot .31 37.75
QWARM1.5X10F120 1.5 Foot 10 Foot .63 75.70
QWARM3X5F120 3 Foot 5 Foot .70 84.50
QWARM3X10F120 3 Foot 10 Foot 1.41 169.00

Floor Heat is not visible after installation.


.    Zero Carbon Footprint.
.    LEED Compliant for: EA Prerequisite 2, EA Credit 1, MR Credit2.1, MR Credit 2.2, MR Credit 5.1, EQ Prerequisite 1, EQ Credit7.1, EQ Credit 3.1, EQ Credit 3.2, ID Credit 1
.    99.9% of energy is turned into heat with no parasitic loss.
.    Plug-in option to renewable energy sources like solar and wind.


.    Floating laminate and floating wood floors*
.    Engineered and solid wood floors*
.    SnapStone and floating tile, ceramic and porcelain tile*
.    Cork and Bamboo*
* Refer to Floor Covering Manufacturer's specifications for compatibility of their product over any radiant heat before installation.


.    This material shall be installed only by qualified personnel who are familiar with the construction and operation of the material and the risks involved.
.    Do not install QuietWarmth Radiant Heat Film for Floating Floors under carpet, sheet vinyl, glued, or nailed wood floors.
.    Do not install QuietWarmth Floating Floor Heat in walls.The type and thickness of floor covering materials used with this product must not exceed a thermal insulation "r" value of 2.0.
.    See Floating Floor Heat Installation Guidelines document for substrate requirements.
.    Use 12 AWG ROMEX only as supply conductors.


1.    Install underlayment.
2.    Roll out Electric Radiant Heat Film.
3.    Install upper vapor barrier and lay down flooring.

For complete installation details, see


.    Listed in compliance with UL standard 499 and CSAC22.2 No. 130 3rd Edition and the National Electric Code Article 424.Fixed Electrical Space Heating Equipment.


.    Telephone: 800-WARM-PAD

QuietWarmth Floating Floor Heat Physical Properties

.    Weight..............................................................1.8 oz/sq.ft /55kg/m2
. Watts Per Square Feet.....................................12W


.    The QuietWarmth Floating Floor Heat Film is certified to the highest International standards and comes with a 25 Year Limited Warranty.

Other sizes and custom orders are available on request.

Flooring 101 Home Flooring Underlayment Specifications Quiet Warmth Film Specifications