Lumber Liquidators Aids Tropical Forest Foundation’s Sustainability Efforts

TOANO, Va., November 26, 2014 – As part of Lumber Liquidators ongoing sustainability efforts, the Company today announced that it has donated $15,000 to the Tropical Forest Foundation (TFF), an international non-profit committed to actively making a difference through rainforest conservation and management.

The Tropical Forest Foundation is known for its sustainable forest management training and education programs, and Lumber Liquidators’ donation will support the Foundation in expanding its educational work to promote conservation and tropical forest management.

“Lumber Liquidators has joined forces with the Tropical Forest Foundation to continue the development of legal and sustainable sources of supply of woods from the tropical regions of the world,” said Bob Johnston, Executive Director of TFF. “While the world continues to lose tropical forests due primarily to conversion of the land to agriculture, sustainably managed forests provide income and natural resources for the people of rainforests, conserving the rich diversity of the forests for future generations. It is a pleasure to have Lumber Liquidators working shoulder-to-shoulder with our other Member companies.”

Lumber Liquidators is committed to environmental responsibility and continuously looks for new ways to positively impact the industry and the communities in which it operates. The foundation of Lumber Liquidators’ charitable giving and sustainability work is its “Lay it Forward” program, which is focused on benefiting the well-being of generations to come. Just as installing a hardwood floor is an investment by homeowners that lasts for years, Lumber Liquidators’ investments in sustainability are designed to have a similar and lasting impact on the future.

Like TFF, Lumber Liquidators is committed to meaningful training efforts, which include onsite training at the international locations of the Company’s suppliers, online training, and vendor seminars. All of these programs are designed to ensure that every company doing business with Lumber Liquidators is fully committed to responsible sourcing, production and shipment of wood products and that each firm meets or exceeds the requirements set by Lumber Liquidators’ own internal standards and by those set by government regulations.

Sustainability is a priority for Lumber Liquidators because it’s good for the environment, and because it’s good for the future of its business. Lumber Liquidators does this by minimizing its energy and land use; having an efficient supply chain; working with credible and trustworthy suppliers; avoiding waste; investing in, and protecting, the long-term health of the forests, farms and plantations that are the lifeblood of its business; and by regularly working with third-party inspectors with expertise in sustainability efforts as part of our commitment to continuous improvement.

“We take our sustainability efforts seriously and education is a huge part of that,” said Ray Cotton, Lumber Liquidators’ Chief Compliance & Sustainability Officer. “We want to continue to improve our own business and allow the Tropical Forest Foundation to expand their efforts in assisting others.”